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Our Services

Cloud Computing Services

Provide services over the Internet or dedicated network. These services range from full applications and development platforms, to servers, storage, and virtual desktops.

Corporate Services Provider

Includes firms providing assistance in companies’ registration and establishing their businesses on behalf of its founding members, assists companies in their partnerships with foreign companies, assisting foreign and free zone companies in finding local partners and agents, provision of secretarial and other related services, it excludes provision of any kind of legal services

Information Technology Consultancy

Responsible for helping businesses and organizations manage their technology use. This can involve assessing elements of a company's computer systems like cybersecurity, software performance and data and analytics that can affect how a business might benefit from the technology they use.

Information Technology Network Services

Information technology is the development, maintenance, or use of systems -- especially computer systems, software and networks -- for storing, retrieving and sending information. Computer networking is the process of electronically linking two or more computing devices to exchange information through data connections.

Internal Communication Network Installation and Maintenance

The installation of internal communication systems used in large buildings and complexes hostels, hospitals, public institutions and housing for students and other interior, as this activity includes the installation of these networks and equipment and installation of systems of 24 phone calls to respond automatically, as well as involves the operation and maintenance of such devices and equipment

Network Website Content Entering and Supplying

A content delivery network (CDN) is a network of interconnected servers that speeds up webpage loading for data-heavy applications.

Proficiency Testing Provider Services

Includes the conformity assessment bodies specialized in providing proficiency testing services for different sectors, such as, testing and calibration laboratories, medical laboratories and inspection bodies.

Research and Development in the field of Cloud Computing

Activities related to the research and development in the field of Cloud services and cloud computing.

Services, Management and Operations of Computer Networks

Activity Includes electronic installations specialized in contracting with companies that want to assign manage and run their own networks in terms of providing a secure connection between employees, customers and property info to help ensure safe access to information and resources from any network management site safely and self-protecting with the possibility of lower operating costs as well as planning and management and technical support for those networks

Statistical Services Consultancies

Includes firms engaged in conducting statistics consultancies and services in economic, social and other domains, it involves data collection whether through questionnaires or from administrative records and then draw indicators which can assist decision makers to know how to find alternatives in order to evaluate the status quo as well as to plan for the future

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